• 1 Cabinet Street, Kimberley, Northern Cape, RSA

(053) 841 0070

Where is Agrifreind Head Office?

1 Cabinet Street, Kimberley, Northern Cape

What brands does Agrifriend Stock?

Agrifriend is the proud supplier of high-quality brands like DICKEY-john, Trimble, Husqvarna, Case, Goldwagen, Precision Planning, Rovic Leers and Polaris.

Does Agrifriend hire out equipment and tractors?

No, we do not hire out any tractors or implements.

Does Agrifriend only sell new equipment and tractors?

No, we sell a variety of new and used tractors and equipment.

Does Agrifriend service Husqvarna Equipment?

Yes, we do have a qualified Husqvarna mechanics in Kimberley and Douglas.

Does Agrifriend only sell original parts?

We sell a variety of original and aftermarket parts.

Where can Agrifriend deliver?

Agrifriend can deliver nationwide, and to neighbouring countries as we have 19 branches across South Africa and a registered office in Namibia.

Can Agrifriend assist with financing?

AgriCapital, Nedbank, ABSA and Standard Bank assist Agrifriend with the financing needs of our clients.

Does Agrifriend offer mechanic apprenticeship?

Most of our Agrifriend branches have fully equipped workshops, thus we do have apprenticeship opportunities at some of our branches.